MarketGen: the full generator market picture per country

MarketGen provides details of production, consumption, imports & exports of generating sets for each country.

It enables you to identify for each territory:

  • The local assembly of generators (how many gensets are manufactured locally)
  • Imports (how many complete gensets are imported)
  • Exports (how many complete gensets are exported)
  • The local consumption (how many gensets are really sold and installed in the country)

Data is shown in units and US$, split by powerband and by year (up to 3 years forecast)

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TradeStats: monthly imports & exports of generating sets

TradeStats provides monthly statistics of imports & exports of generating sets globally.

It enables you:

  • To monitor the generator market every month and have the most updated information
  • To know the country of origin of generators imported in each territory
  • To know how many generating sets are exported from any country (45 export countries)
  • To follow the trends and identify the market opportunities

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