2019-2023 European market of diesel rental generators


  • This study covers Europe and focuses on the rental diesel generators from 7.5 kVA. It excludes Russia & CIS countries as well as Turkey.
  • Rental generator refers to a generator that is purchased to be rented out to customers on demand
  • This study will provide an overview of the rental companies, the rental generator manufacturers and the potential for diesel generators manufacturers


  • To evaluate the sales volumes of rental generators per country
  • To identify the competitors
  • To understand the Stage V implementation calendar and impact on products
  • To evaluate the product & market trends for both rental companies as well as generator manufacturers
  • To estimate the diesel rental generator market in the next few years following the Stage V implementation.

Executive summary:

  • The rental market of diesel generators represents about 15% of the total diesel generator market in Europe. Rental generators are mainly used for prime application in the construction and the event industry. It has grown by 6% in 2019, mainly due to the transition period of the Stage V implementation and tax incentives in some territories.
  • In 2019, most rental companies have grown in terms of revenues and profits. The rental market concentration has continued its trend in 2019 with European leaders taking over rental companies to strengthen market shares.
  • Most of rental companies buy the generators to the generator manufacturers, but only few assemble their own products (Aggreko, Bredenoord).
  • The market is also concentrated in terms of generator brands as two manufacturers have over 40% market shares. Only European manufacturers are present in this market with specific product requirements.
  • The rental generator industry is currently in a transition period before the Stage V implementation. The Stage V impact will be significant both for generator manufacturers (new generators to redesign, availability of engines) and for rental companies (purchase & maintenance cost increases, training)


  • Sales volumes per year from 2015 till 2019 and per country, and per powerband (7-75 kVA, 75-200 kVA, 200-500 kVA, 500-750 kVA, 750+ kVA)
  • 2019 market share in volume per generator manufacturer
  • Stage V calendar (for engine & generator manufacturers and impact analysis
  • 2020-2023 sales volumes per powerband (7-75 kVA, 75-200 kVA, 200-500 kVA, 500-750 kVA, 750+ kVA)