MarketGen provides details of production, consumption, imports & exports of generating sets for each country.

It enables you to identify for each territory:

  • The local assembly of generators (how many gensets are manufactured locally)
  • Imports (how many complete gensets are imported)
  • Exports (how many complete gensets are exported)
  • The local consumption (how many gensets are really sold and installed in the country)

Data is shown by country in units and US$, by year, by product type (gas, diesel) and is split into 5 powerbands:

Get the data you need in 2 clicks!

  • Select the country and time period
  • Narrow down by powerband if needed

There you are!

In addition to current & historical data, MarketGen provides you 5 years forecast that will help you to create you business plans.

Our forecasts  rely on statistical models based on years of historical data and validated market drivers for each country, as well as crossed with manufacturer and distributor interviews.