TradeStats provides monthly statistics of imports & exports of generating sets globally.

It enables you:

  • To monitor the generator market every month and have the most updated information
  • To know the country of origin of generatos imported in each territory
  • To know how many generating sets are exported from any country
  • To follow the trends and identify the market opportunities

TradeStats is the most userfriendly interface you have ever used!

Draw online charts, or download the full data into Excel format.

It gives you the tools you need to visualize easily the information and market highlights

With the full Excel data it helps you build easy market reports and do deeper analysis.


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TradeStats gives you all information that will help you identify the market trends.

By knowing the origin of imported generators every month in each territory, you will be able to map closely your competitor actions.

Follow any market trends by powerband and don’t miss any generator sales opportunities!