2021-2024 Global Data Center Generator Market


  • The scope of this study focuses on the market for generators used for data centers (in charge of maintaining data center critical loads applications).
  • This market research report offers analysis on market size & forecast, market share, industry trends and growth drivers. It also includes a market segmentation by generator capacity (<1000 kVA, 1000-2000 kVA, 2000+ kVA), by Tier standards (power redundancy), and by geography (worldwide coverage)
  • Data in US$ value are for sales of generators (excl. commissioning ), with historical data since 2019 and forecasts till 2024.


  • To evaluate the sales volumes of data center generators
  • To identify the key growing regions
  • To understand the drivers & restraints of this segment
  • To evaluate the product & market trends for this application
  • To estimate the data center generator market in the next few years

Executive summary:

  • The data center is the fastest-growing segment for the diesel generator market (14% CAGR 2021-2024 for the data center segment). While gas generators are gaining more and more market share over diesel generators globally, especially in large power bands, the data center market is almost exclusively diesel, since the generators are used as backup solutions.
  • The data center market will continue to grow strongly as data becomes more and more critical and new usages such as 5G, cloud computing and video platforms will increase demand. In addition, the number of Internet and smartphone users will also increase significantly, particularly in Asian countries. For all these data centers, the availability rate is essential, and the back up generators are critical.
  • While Internet giants (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft) build their own data centers, the trend has been for colocation for several years. Very large companies (Equinix, Digital Realty) are now world leaders, build hyper scale data centers, and offer companies to rent some of their storage space.


  • Market drivers & restraints analysis
  • Sales volumes per year from 2021 till 2024 per Tier Standard
  • Sales volumes per year from 2021 till 2024 per powerband
  • Sales volumes per year from 2021 till 2024 per data center type
  • Sales volumes per key country from 2021 till 2024 per region
  • Sales volumes per year from 2021 till 2024 of key countries/state per region (USA, Europe, Asia)